Widow's Ministry

We have all become widows at different stages of our lives: Some young with a family to provide for, some of us older.

No matter what our position, God is with us! He has a perfect plan.


The Widow's Ministry is dedicated to "Coming Alongside" the widow and obeying the Biblical imperative of caring for the widow by reducing her stress, enhancing her well-being, building her up spiritually and undergirding her with the hope of the gospel.


The ministry of "Alongside Her" is designed for all widows.  It is to help with loneliness, and the not knowing what to do next.  There is help and understanding for widows in their loss.  There is encouragement and help to find joy again and to successfully navigate the transition from the crisis of loss of husband and father to a new life of hope and purpose.  God wants us to continue living for Him with joy in our hearts.


Our widows are active by holding social events, dinners, short trips, girls day out, visiting of widows shut-ins.