PCA Denomination

Founded in 1973 with 240 congregations and just 40,000 members, the Presbyterian Church in America has grown to over 1,400 congregations and 300,000 members.  For several years we have been one of the nation's faster growing Protestant denominations. 


But mere numbers do not tell the story of this young denomination which is seeking to be 'true to the Scriptures, the Reformed Faith, and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.'  God has richly blessed the work of the Presbyterian Church in America.  Across North America and in almost sixty countries around the world (over 500 career and "short term" foreign missionaries), there are new believers and new churches worshipping God and seeking to serve Him in their communities.


While the personal witness of individuals and the programs of local churches are foundational to fulfilling the Great COmmission, it is their collective efforts that greatly multiply their effectiveness.  The various ministries of the Presbyterian Church in America are carred out through the General Assembly's committees and agencies.  (The General Assembly is the representative ruling body which meets annually.)