Young Families

Young Families with preschool age children are invited to join the Young Family Ministry.  This ministry provides young families with a regular play date and promotes community among this group in our church.  Often the busyness of raising children causes parents to neglect themselves and their need for fellowship.  As many families include preschool kids as well as younger school age kids, this Ministry gives families an opportunity to promote friendships among their children and it lets them expend some energy as they play.  It also gives parents the opportunity to build friendships, be encouraged, and allows them to get to know families they otherwise may not have.


An additional aspect of the Young Families Ministry is a quarterly kid-less event.  This allows parents to get together for dinner or some activity without children.  Again, this is designed to promote community among people in similiar life circumstances and allows for good conversation, encouragement, and remembering that life is more than cheerios and diapers.


Check the calendar for event dates.