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Welcome to the Frontpage
Welcome to Gospel Fellowship PCA

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church website. We are a church that is about 40 years old, so we are fairly young but our roots go back to the reformation in Scotland. We believe the Bible to be God’s inspired and inerrant Word. It is the basis of all we confess.

Christ is the One we confess. The Word, the Sacraments in Word (Baptism and The Lord’s Supper) and Prayer are the means or the delivery system God the Holy Spirit uses to communicate grace to us. In the church we unite with others to live out our confession. Together we confess Christ to others.

We invite you to check us out. Come, visit, participate in some of our ministries and see if this is where you and your family can put roots down and be built-up in your faith. See too if this is where your gifts can be used to build-up the body of Christ in this community.

Our name comes from Philippians 1:3-6 where the Apostle Paul thanks God for every remembrance of the Christians in Philippi and prays for them regularly and joyfully. He also thanks God for their fellowship in the gospel and is confident that God will complete the good work He has begun in them until the day of Christ’s return.

Gospel Fellowship is where friends become family in the fellowship of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We would love to get to know you and you us, so feel free to take advantage of our scheduled and impromptu ministries and activities.

Contact me by way of e-mail or phone if you’d like to arrange a time to chat.

Nick Protos

Senior Pastor